1. Why do I have to get repair service instead of buying new device?

     - Cheaper than purchasing a new phone.

       For instance, if you don't have upgrade option which means your contract is still in progress with the carrier, you will have to pay the full retail price from $500~$800.

       Also, even if you have the protection plan, you must pay for the deductible which is about $200~$300. Most of our services are around $100.


     - Save your time.

       If you take repalcement service from the manufacturer, it will take a lot of time and it is such a hassle. We offer same day repair services, so you don't have to wait!

     - The environment.

       Every phones are made with plastics and metals that are not Earth friendly. By getting our repair services, you can keep our planet green.


2. How much does it cost to get repair service and how fast?


     - Depends on models.

       There are bunch of devices, so it depends. Plus, the parts' prices continue to go down. The cost will be between $20~$150, and it takes 30mins up to 3hrs.

       Water damage will take a day.

       If we can't fix your device, we do not charge anything.

3. I want to check inside of my phone before I decide to get repair service. Do you charge for that?

     - No, we do not.

       We understand that you want to see inside of your device when you have some issues, and we know most cell phone repair stores charge for it as service fee.

       But we won't charge anything! Just come by and feel free to check it out.

4. Does the repair that you perform void the factory warranty on my device?

     - Once any damage on your phone occurs, your factory warranty is void.

5. What kinds of parts do you use for repair? Are they original parts?

     - We use high quality OEM parts but it's not the exact same parts as original. However, it looks the same, works the same. 

       If any problems happen with our parts, we will cover for that.

6. Does the repair come with warranty?

     - Yes, it does.

       We provide a 90day warranty, but a 30day warranty for the charging port repair because it's the easiet part to get water damage or loosen pins.

       However, if the parts get any physical damages, we do not cover for it. Just same as factory warranty.

       Also, the water damage repair doesn't have any warranty.


7. How can I trust you?

     - FixSmarts' technicians are highly trained so we know what you need, and we provide most reasonable price and honest service to our customers.

       If anything happens during our repair, we will take complete responsibility.



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